PyObjC, macOS 11 and Apple Silicon

The WWDC keynote contained lots of interesting news, amongst others a CPU architecture transition for macOS. The previous new architecturs (PowerPC to i386 and i386 to x86_64) required access to hardware to implement and test in PyObjC, I expect that this will be needed as well for the new “Apple Silicon” hardware. Because of this I’ve applied for the Quick Start Program.

The new CPU architecture is just one update this summer, there are also lots of new APIs. I’ve taken time of from work to follow WWDC and start work on supporting these new APIs.

I intent do drop support for 32-bit Intel (i386) completely in PyObjC 7, and will also stop providing wheels for Python 3.6. It is still open what else will end up in PyObjC 7, that depends on the amount of work there will be in keeping up with Apple.

Ronald Oussoren @ronaldoussoren