Supporting development of PyObjC and py2app


I maintain a number of Python related projects.

In particular:

  • PyObjC: PyObjC is a collection of bindings for Apple’s (GUI) frameworks on macOS. I’m the primary author and currently maintainer.

  • py2app: Py2app is a tool for creating standalone macOS application bundles (.app) for Python scripts. I’m the current maintainer for this project.

  • altgraph, macholib, modulegraph: These are supporting projects fo py2app, but are used by other projects as well.

Why donate?

I maintain the projects mentioned above in my free time, next to a full-time job and other hobbies. The result of this is that these projects, and my work on CPython, get a lot less attention than they deserve.


One-time donations through Paypal

Please consider donating when you use the projects I maintain professionally.

Ronald Oussoren @ronaldoussoren