Looking for PyObjC and py2app users

I’m looking for users and usages of PyObjC and py2app for a number of reasons.

  • I’m personally interested in what people are doing with my projects, this not just strokes my ego but also tends to show fun usecases
  • I’d like to add information to the documentation on how and where PyObjC is used
  • I’d like to add links to (OSS) projects to the documentation, amongst others as more realistic examples than the example code in the repository
  • Links to source code can help me improve PyObjC

For py2app I have similar reasons for being interested, but there’s another one: py2app is getting old and requires tweaking for a lot of programs using it. Finding examples of such tweaks helps me improve py2app, and can also help in creating an integration testsuite for py2app.

Feel free to contact me directly at ronaldoussoren@mac.com.

Ronald Oussoren @ronaldoussoren