Toward py2app 1.0

I’m working on a complete rewrite of py2app in the hope of getting to a usable 1.0.

In general rewriting software is a bad idea, but in this case I don’t think I have much of a choice: the py2app code base is just too hairy and untestable.

The rewrite will take a significant amount of time because I can spent only limited time on this, but should end up with a nice clean codebase.

I have a number of goals with this rewrite:

  • Documentation first

The current version has very limited documentation, and that’s not good. I’m attempting to write documentation before implementing.

  • Fully unittested

The new codebase will be fully tested. I don’t think I’ll manage full test driven development, but do intent to only commit code with full test coverage

  • No configuration through code

The current version is mostly configured through code due to being a setuptools command. The new version will have a configuration file, and won’t be a setuptools command.

  • Clean python 3 codebase

I’m currently targetting Python 3.6, and may backport to older 3.x releases.

The codebase is on bitbucket

Ronald Oussoren @ronaldoussoren